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MBG Enterprises Inc, is now an Employer/Career School Testing Program for School Buses

We are MVA certified testing facility to help you acquire your CDL class B License with P/S endorsements. Under the (49 CFR 383) Code of Federal Regulations, assist in containing the minimum testing standards and stipulate the specific knowledge and skills which drivers of different types of commercial vehicles must possess to safely operate a CMV. These are just some of the materials covered, please inquire for more information below.


Contact us with Questions / Comments below: 

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  • Classroom Work

  • Hands on Training


  • Engine

  • Inside Bus

  • Outside Bus

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Skill Test

  • Straight Line Backing 

  • Parallel Parking

  • Offset Backing

Road Course

  • Safe Driving Behavior 

  • Vehicle Control 

  • Speed and Spacing

  • RRX

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Road Test.png

* Drug testing and Background checks are required. 

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